When it comes to moving manufactured homes, the costs vary greatly depending on many factors.  Some of the factors include: size of home, single/doublewide, are the wheels and axles present, is there a deck on the home, is there a shed, how far is the home being moved, is it completely set up now, does it get completely set up a the new site, skirting remove and reinstall, hitch/s present, does the carpet need to be seamed, is there an addition or expando, is there a fireplace, central air, transport permits, setup permits, hinged roof, awning, does it need to be winterized, and many more variables.  If the home does not have wheels and axles they will need to be rented for the move.  If the home is just being dropped off at a new location, those wheels and axles will need to be purchased instead of rented which can cost up to $2,000 additional.

As an example, a recent move quote from one of the largest home movers in West Michigan was as follows… to move a 28x60 doublewide with 2 decks (one with a roof) from Kentwood, MI to Baldwin, MI the cost was just under $8,000.  This covers moving the decks, central air, removing the skirting, disassembling the home, disconnecting the utilities, renting tires and axles because they were missing, hauling the home to Baldwin, and setting the home up on a slab on private property.  That cost does not include installing the skirting or hooking up any utilities. 

If the home were moving to another park, the cost would be higher due to reinstalling the skirting, hooking up utilities, and pulling permits for the hookup.  This would add another $1-2k.  If the home were a singlewide, these numbers would all be reduced about $4,000.  If the home did not have decks, did not need wheels and axles, etc, the cost would be reduced $1,500-2,000.

Due to the many variables when moving a home, even ballpark numbers can be difficult.  Hopefully this article gives you some idea of the costs involved in moving a home and the many variables that come into play.

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