When it comes time to sell your manufactured home, who is best at listing and selling your home? There is no right answer to that question, other than “it depends”.   

Listing with the Park/Community:  Most mobile home communities have in-house sales staff or managers who will list your home for you.  In some cases the park charges a much reduced sale fee and some even help you sell for free. If you are looking to sell for a reduced commission, this may be a good option.  Another advantage to park listings is that when someone comes into the park office and says they want to live in that particular community, the manager/salesperson will be happy to share your information or show your home to the prospective buyer. This is a great way to find a buyer for your home.  Yet another advantage to park listings involves getting the new buyer approved by the park.  If the park stands to make a commission on the sale, they may try a little harder or provide an exception for a buyer that may otherwise be turned down for tenancy.  There are also some drawbacks to listing with the community… Most of the listing agreements will stipulate a new buyer cannot remove the home from the park. If you have a buyer looking to move the home to private property, you may not have that option if the park listing agreement forbids it, and thus you lose that type of buyer as an option for selling your home. Also, parks will typically limit their spending for advertising of homes for sale. They are getting paid lot rent while you are there and if the commission is reduced or non-existent, they don’t have much incentive to pay for advertising.

Listing with a Manufactured Home Broker: You can usually find a broker or dealer in the area who will list your home for a commission. This commission is often more than what the park might charge, however the broker is attacking the sale from a different angle. The broker is looking for all possible buyers for your home.  This would include those wishing to move the home to private property. The broker is also advertising your home for sale in several places because the broker does not get paid unless they sell your home. They have much more incentive to find you a buyer as soon as possible for the highest amount possible.  Mobile Home Brokers will spend money up front to sell your home and thus are more invested in helping you sell your home. Brokers also have the advantage of working with a wider range of buyers.  A buyer might call on 123 Main St and not like that house, so the broker will tell them about other homes available in the area including yours. So even if the buyer starts out in a different park, the broker has the opportunity to bring them to your home in a different community. Many brokers have a large sales staff which is another advantage. More staff means more people trying to sell your home. As you can see there are advantages and disadvantages to each option. 

So, which should you choose?  “It depends” on your particular situation!

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