Reviewed on February 16, 2015
White Creek Country Estates
15851 White Creek Ave NE, Cedar Springs, MI 49319

White Creek Country Estates is country living at its best. The park is located north of Cedar Springs at White Creek and Egner Avenues. This is a family owned park with older trailers and newer mobile homes.   The park appears to be in transition, replacing the older trailers with newer mobile homes. There is a small pond to the south of the park behind the park office.   Some of the original trailer homes are stacked pretty close together while other mobile homes are not. The streets within the community were wider than most communities and easy to travel.  There were a handful of empty home sites available.  In the Cedar Springs area, there are about 4 parks to consider and only 3 if you are younger than 55.  White Creek Country Estates is the only park I would consider out of the remaining three.

Reviewed by CJR

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